BLACKPINK’s Debut Album – Square One!

Album Name: Square One


Release Date: August 8, 2016

BLACKPINK, the K-POP girl group by YG Entertainment, debuted on August 8, 2016, releasing their single album, ‘Square One’, containing the hit debut songs, ‘Whistle’ and ‘Boombayah’.

BlackPnk members from left to right: Rose, Jisoo, Jennie and Lisa

The Album Cover:


Length: 3:32

Lyricists: Teddy Park, Bekuh Boom and iKon’s B.I

Composers: Teddy Park, Bekuh Boom

Producers: Teddy Park, Future Bounce

The genres for this song are EDM, D&B and Bubblegum Pop.
Musically, “Whistle” straddles between a minimalist hip-hop production and a more guitar-driven pop composition. The lyrics utilize a whistling motif to describe a love-call and the rhythm of a beating heart.

Blackpink’s debut television performance was held on SBS‘s Inkigayo on August 14, 2016, where Blackpink performed “Whistle” alongside “Boombayah”. The song was a commercial success, with “Whistle” peaking atop the Gaon Digital Chart.

I really liked the rap parts by Jennie and Lisa. The powerful, yet soothing vocals by the vocalists of the group, Jisoo and Rose are impressive.

Here are a few scenes from the MV:

‘Whistle’ official MV

‘Whistle’ First Performance (Debut Stage)


Length: 4:01

Producers: Teddy Park, Future Bounce

The genres are Big room house, hip house. “Boombayah” topped the Billboard World Digital Songs chart in the first week of sales. The official MV was released on August 8, 2016. Later in January 2018, the music video became the most viewed debut MV by a K-pop group on YouTube.

The raps in this song are tremendously strong, and so are the vocals. The choreography is also well appreciated by many k-pop fans. However, in the chorus part, emphasis given to the beats or the production, instead of the melody. The lyrics give out a powerful ‘bad girl’ vibe.

Here are a few scenes from the MV:

Official MV
First Performance (Debut Stage)

Overall, for a debut album, Square One was really outstanding. It was a really good choice by YG Entertainment to debut with a more ‘bad girl’ concept rather than a cute one.

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By: Hanah SD.

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