Freaking Romance – A supernatural love story!!

Title: Freaking Romance

Author: Snailords

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Status: Updates every Sunday

“Zylith finds herself enchanted by what she assumed was a figment of imagination in her new apartment. Except…he exists. Somewhere….”

-synopsis by Webtoon.

About Webtoon:

A Webtoon is an online comic series published in the app ‘LINE WEBTOON – Free Comics’. You can download the app for free and read thousands of comics strips!


Zylith, an 18 year old young girl, moves in to her new apartment, which is sold out to her at 50% discount… for a reason. The landlady warns her about the paranormal activities in the apartment. Just when she is getting adjusted to her new apartment, she finds something intriguing. A young handsome boy, who looks like a K-POP star, appears often in her apartment but vanishes whenever Zylith touches him. Is he a ghost? Or a fragment of her imagination? Read the webtoon to find out!

About the art:

When it comes to art, this webtoon has one of the most sophisticated and beautiful art. Each illustration’s shading is done so carefully that the strokes of the pen can be seen clearly. The beautiful drawings and the aesthetically pleasing background colors match the webtoon since it adds to the mysterious elements of the webtoon.

Verose, Zylith’s best friend. Sadly, Verose is a girl.

The music in some of the chapters is as mysterious, yet beautiful as the illustrations!

This webtoon is also under the genre ‘Comedy’. There will be numerous times when you will fall off your cough laughing at the funny incidents which take place.

Here is a funny scene form the webtoon where Zylith finds the mysterious boy holding her cat:

My opinions:

What I love the most about this webtoon is the theme of being independent. Zylith, is actually thrown out of her house by her parents as she wants to become an artist, which is not what their parents want. As an 18 year old, finding an apartment and living life independently whilst pursuing you dreams is something we all should learn from young Zylith.

In conclusion, this webtoon is highly recommended to those who love Romance stories with a little hint of mystery and comedy!

Webtoon trailer:

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Happy reading!! xoxo

By: Hanah SD.

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