How flexible is your body?

Some of these exercises will help you test your body’s flexibility.

Shoulder joint flexibility:
Raise your right arm up and bend it at the elbow so it would be behind your neck and head. Slide it a bit down your back. Now, reach behind you with your left arm, so that the back of your hand.
If this exercise was difficult,Grasp your elbows with your palms behind your back. Stay in this position for few minutes.

Knee joint flexibility :
Start with push up posture. Slowly bend you head towards knees. Let the elbow be straight. Your feet should touch the floor forming “A” letter. In yoga this is called as “Parvathasana” or “Adhomukha shwanasana”

Hip joint flexibility:
First of all, sit upright so that both of your legs are straight. Then bend your right leg, pull it into your chest and hug it tight until you feel a stretch. Again, if it’s painful, it’s not a good sign. Try to make it effective, but still safe.
The second good exercise is a seated stretch. Sit with your knees bent out to the sides. Place the bottoms of your feet together and bring them as close to your groin as possible. Then just lean forward until you feel a stretch.

Neck flexibility exercises.
You can tuck your chin until you feel a stretch (Do not over stretch). Another great option is taking your neck backwards, again, until you feel a stretch. Repeat each of these exercises about five times.

Shoulder girdle flexibility:
Begin with a kneeling position so that your feet are under your hips. Now lift your hips and raise your straight arms over your head at the same time.

You did all the above without any efforts ???.
Great !!!!
You are as young as 25….:)

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