Siren’s Lament – Dive into the world of sirens!

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Status: Updates every Saturday

Music/ Soundtacks by: KennyComics

Content with her life, Lyra is somewhat of a wallflower. However, her lifestyle suddenly goes astray when she plunges into the world of sirens. Entangles in a curse, she will learn about the unimaginable world. Why don’t you also dive into the world of sirens through instantmiso’s Webtoon, ‘Siren’s Lament’?!

A Webtoon is an online comic series published in the app ‘LINE WEBTOON – Free Comics’. You can download the app for free and read thousands of comics strips!

The story begins with Lyra, heartbroken young woman who plunges into the sea to kill herself, gets cursed by a siren when Ian, a siren kisses her. What is the curse? Can she be saved from it? Read the Webtoon to find out!

When it comes to art, this Webtoon has one of the best illustrations. Here are some:

And if you are a hard stan, don’t worry ’cause the author instantmiso provides us with loads of fan service! (You know what I mean! *winks*)

The music is very soothing to the ears and give the experience of a magical land which suits the main characters, i.e., the sirens. KennyComics did a wonderful job on the soundtracks!

The Webtoon will have you holding your stomach because of all the laughter. Characters like the sassy Ian never fail to make you laugh!

lmao…Ian being Ian

If you are a person who loves reading books about romantic adventures, this Webtoon is perfect for ya!

Happy reading!!

By: Hanah SD

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