The Phantom of the Opera

Author: Gaston Leroux

Subject: Romance, Mystery, Horror

Genre: Gothic Novel

Erik, the Phantom of the Opera, a deformed former conjurer also referred to as the Angel of Music and the Opera Ghost. He secretly tutors Christine
Daaé, the protagonist, and eventually becomes obsessed with her.

During a performance, the Phantom abducts Christine and flees to his secret lair deep in the bowels of the Opera House, forcing Christine to marry him. Vicomte Raoul de Chagny, Christine’s childhood friend and love interest, teams up with ‘the Persian’, a man from Erik’s past to save Christine from the hands of the Opera Ghost. But, they get trapped in a mirrored room by Erik and have to go through intense torture…Will they be able to save Christine? Will Christine marry Erik? Read the novel to find out!

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As a voracious murder mystery/gothic novel reader, I must say, this one is the best I have read. It has the perfect balance of romance, action, horror, tragedy. The last chapter almost made my eyes well up with tears. If you are a person who loves reading about tragedies and mysteries, this book is perfect for you.

Happy reading! xoxo

By: Hanah SD.

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