Yelagiri, Peaceful hill station in Tamil Nadu

Yelagiri hills are one of the most progressive hill station in Tamilnadu. Located at a height of 1110 mts above sea level. The highest peak in yelagiri is swami Malai hills. Trekking is an attraction at Swami Malai hills. Unfortunately we were told trekking is banned due to the forest fire in Pollach when we traveled during 1st week of May 2019. We very much disappointed….:(. Nevertheless, there were many other things we enjoyed for about 2 days.

Our Journey

We started from KSR raillway station Bangalore around 7.40 am and reached at 10.30 am to Jolarpetai. Our Resort booked cab was already waiting.. We headed towards the little hill station which is at a distance of 25 kms. Midway we had our breakfast in a small neat restaurant. If you own a vehicle, you can easily reach this place by road in max 4 hrs from Bangalore or Chennai.

The resort

Peter’s Park welcomed us around 11.30 am. We had booked 2 BR villa, which was quite spacious with 2 bathrooms. During weekday, food has to be pre ordered and weekends buffet is offered. The food was homely and reasonably priced. Service at the restaurant was very good. I did notice that some veggies used were homegrown. They procured milk from the local vendors and not the packed.
Resort has the facilities like Indoor games, cycling, clean swimming pool. Owner Mr. Peter and his staff ensures everything is taken care.

Boating and Nature Park

Same evening we headed towards the yelagiri lake for boating. Private boat with the driver will cost Rs. 400.and in group it is Rs. 50 per person. It is a small lake with beautiful view of the hills. From the main road till the boating point, there are lot of street vendors who sells local fruits like pear, jack fruit ( famous at this place), berries, litchi, jamoon, rose apple. Right opposite to the boating entrance there is a small nature park. It is very clean and can spend some time.

Adventure Sports

Next day we went to “ropes and knots” a adventure activity center which is again managed by the “Peter’s park” owner. They offer 15% discount to the guests staying at Peter’s Park. They have zip liner, ATV bike ride, Burma bridge and some more activities for adults and kids. Prices are reasonable starting from Rs. 150. Staff seem to be quite professional.

Fundera Park

This is more like a farm environment . Domestic animals like rabbits, horse, cow, guinea pigs , different breeds of Hens and cocks, naturally colored chicks,goat, sheep and Ostrich are let open in their own areas. All the animals, birds are being taken care of well.The best part is variety of parrots. You can feed them and take photographs.
Bamboo cafe offers beverages and some snacks. They have fish spa too.
We watched 7D animated 15 mins video.
The cost is Rs.300 / person ( 7D movie, Fundera park)

Goodbye Note

On our return we picked up home made tomato pickle. Mr.Peter’s wife makes Jams and picklesand wild honey from The Marthandam Bee Keepers Co-op Society which is available in the resort. I was surprised to see the entire billing system in the resort was manual. When I asked, Mr. Perumal smilingly said ” we are using manual system since 12 yrs and I’m quite comfortable with it. Technology can breakdown any time and there is no alternate just like how your cell phone stopped charging and you did not have any alternates….:) Yes. my phone had charging issue and I could not do anything about it for 2 days.
Overall, it was a productively utilized holiday.

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